What is this place?

Crying Cloud is maintained by a group of technology professionals with deep experience in cloud and edge computing. It covers the good, the bad and the ugly of cloud, edge and IoT. We post on topics ranging from high level guidance around when to use which cloud provider and how to think about billing and compliance, all the way down to in the weeds Powershell scripts and hardware configurations. Occasionally, because we’re nerds at heart we also cover other topics that we have interest in like home automation, Tesla, and how they intersect with the cloud and edge.

So who writes this stuff?

Mike DeLuca

With over 20 years of industry experience, Mike has helped the world’s premier enterprises and online properties run efficient, agile and responsive operations. Mike holds fifteen technology certifications and holds several patents in cloud related technologies. Mike has a passion for cloud and edge. When not doing that he obsesses over his Control4 home automation system and his Tesla.

Chris Speers

Systems Engineer Par Excellence

Danny McDermott

Based in Manchester, UK, I’ve been working in IT for over 20 years. I have broad experience across a variety of technologies, currently specializing in Azure, Azure Stack, Hybrid and Intelligent Edge. My passion for computing started in the early 80’s ( Commodore FTW), realizing there was more to it than playing games. I mainly blog about Azure Stack.

Matthew Quickenden

Working with private cloud solutions for several years. Heavy focus on virtualization and automation. Recently working to help business move into and consume true cloud solutions.

Robert Henry

Robert Henry is an Azure and Azure Stack Public/Hybrid Cloud Architect. He has worked with dozens of large enterprise Fortune 500 companies to help create designs and best practices ideally suited each customer’s specific business and technical requirements at all levels of depth, including enterprise-wide designs for customer’s entire cloud presence and all the way down to architecting the migration of individual workloads. In his spare time he does Smart Home programming in Control4 and other home automation systems and tracks the progress of self-driving technology and VR-gaming on his Youtube channel.