Welcome to Azure Field Notes


We’re back! Several years ago a group of us used to post to TheCloudBuilderBlog.com. There we focused primarily on System Center based private clouds, Orchestrator, SCVMM, SCSM and SCOM. Over the past several years the marketplace has changed dramatically. System Center is moving to cloud thru tools like OMS and App Insights. Microsoft’s public cloud has a level of maturity in the marketplace, and  everyone is talking about cloud. We’ve changed as well. We’ve worked on a number of different enterprise cloud projects, both public and private, both Microsoft and non Microsoft since then. As a result, we’ve decided to share our knowledge with the wider community and re-launch. With the re-launch and shift in topics comes a new name. Azure Field Notes. This refers to our experiences coming from the field, and the focus on Azure and Azure Stack. (That’s right, we’re going to cover Azure Stack as well). We’ll still touch on System Center topics occasionally, especially with regards to integrations, but the focus of this blog will be covering the Microsoft Cloud. We’ll cover deep technical topics, scripts, and how to guides, but we’ll also cover higher level strategic thoughts, where we see the market going, what we believe is important for an enterprise to think about as part of the journey to cloud. And of course, as always, any posts, opinions, or information on this site is our own and does not represent the positions of Microsoft or our employers.