Adding your custom images to MaaS


In my last two posts, we covered creating custom Windows and RHEL images for MaaS. Now we'll deal with uploading them for use. The process is relatively simple:

1. Upload your image to the MaaS server

2. Import the image to MaaS

The first step is easy enough, just use SCP (or a program like WinSCP in Windows) to upload the file:


To Import the image in MaaS, use the following command:

maas $profile boot-resources create name=custom/$imagedisplayname architecture=amd64/generic content=@$tgzfilepath

In the code, I've used variables to make explanation simpler. In real life, I'd just input the actual values. Following is an explanation of each value:

$profile - When using the maas command, you must first log in. This variable represents your maas profile name.

$imagedisplayname - You can put any value here. Preceding it by custom/ means that the image will show up under custom images in MaaS with the name specified following the /

$tgzfilepath - This is the full path to the image file on the MaaS server. If you are admin2 and you kept an image namede my-image.tgz in a directory called images under your home directory, this value would be /home/admin2/images/my-image.tgz