Azure Stack portal bug


As I’m mainly working with Azure Stack deployments that use AD FS as the identity provider, I’m coming across some differences and bugs compared to where Azure AD is used. One such bug is the following:

A user is a member of a global AD group that is assigned Contributor role to a Tenant Subscription. They aren’t added directly as a user to the subscription.

When that user connects to the portal, they will be presented with the following if they click on the subscription:

If they try and create a resource within the subscription, they get the following:

By connecting as this same user via PowerShell or Azure CLI, they can create a resource group and resources and do everything expected of a Contributor.

I logged a support case with Microsoft and they have confirmed this is a bug in the portal and that it will be fixed in an imminent release (potentially 1811).

In the meantime, the workaround is to assign users directly to the role rather than via a global group or to use the API / PowerShell / Az CLI to manage resources.